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The Fog Father

Cake-ish, muffin-ish w/ a creamy butterscotch undertone.

Coming from a life of childhood poverty, the man known as the Fog Father swore he would grow up to become a success in the vaping underworld. Starting off with petty crimes, the Fog Father would eventually undergo greatest rise in the world of vaping. As he grew in prestige, he began to manipulate and plot against other members of his criminal family.

With a taste that is hard to explain, one part cake, cookie, and muffin and one part creamy butterscotch, The Fog Father one by one eliminated his rivals and went to the very top of the vaping underworld. From there, he made millions through vape hijacking, vape sharking, vape gambling, vape extortion, and all other manners of vaping activities. Soon, the Fog Father was a name that demanded respect.

But like all great men, the Fog Father would be betrayed by one of his most trusted friends: Sammy the Smoker. Sammy turned over evidence that would lead to federal law enforcement agencies arresting the Fog Father. During his prison sentence, the Fog Father expired. However, his legacy lives on; the Fog Father made the world an offer it can’t refuse—try his creamy butterscotch, cookie, muffin, cake flavored vape, or you might just wake up to your broken e-cig in bed with you.

The Fog Father is based off the real world figure: John Gotti. During his stint in the criminal world, John Gotti was the boss of the Gambino crime family. Often dubbed ‘The Godfather’ of Crime, John Gotti was the inspiration for a character in the Godfather movie trilogy: Joey Zasa (played by Joe Mantegna).


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The Fog Father

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